Cheap Tweaks to Attract Green Tenants

Cheap Tweaks to Attract Green Tenants

Posted on 13. Oct, 2010 by in Greener Properties

I’ve written before about the connection between earth stewardship and good prospective tenants. Green-minded folks tend to have a mindful, tread-lightly approach to living in the world that doesn’t stop at the welcome mat. But don’t worry, you don’t have to add solar panels to your rooftop or a goat in the backyard to attract the tenants you want.

Here are a few simple, inexpensive changes to consider when adding to your green arsenal:

Digital Thermostat
Regardless of who pays for the heat in your property, most green-minded people will appreciate the level of control a programmable thermostat brings to a living environment. Replacing an old thermostat with a programmable one will save about $180 a year.

Recycling Pickup
If your area doesn’t provide free curbside pickup, call your local recycling company for service. Recycling is second nature to earth-conscious people. If your property isn’t set up to recycle, green-leaning folks might not give you a second thought. These days, this type of asset is a must-have.

Garden Space
Years ago, my husband and I rented an apartment with a large balcony. So strong was our desire to garden that for three and a half years, we carefully cultivated 40 potted plants – raising herbs to cacti – on that balcony. Entice green tenants by designating a portion of your property to environmentally friendly landscaping, a vegetable garden, or reserving a plot for your tenants at a nearby community garden. Most community gardens charge a nominal fee for membership which is a small price to pay for attracting a good tenant.

Low Flow
From toilets to showerheads, opt for low-flow numbers when it comes time to upgrade your existing assets. Like the digital thermostat, low-flow options provide a double win: Few earth resources are wasted and more dollars are saved.

    As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of green to attract a lot of green. What other simple strategies might appeal to a potential tenant’s green sensibilities?

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