Best Practices for Tenants to Conserve Energy

Best Practices for Tenants to Conserve Energy

Posted on 09. Mar, 2011 by in Greener Properties

Tenants are always looking for easy ways to conserve energy and save some money in the process. No one likes to put a large chunk of their paycheck towards outrageous energy bills that are once again on the rise nationwide. Management companies can easily provide their tenants with a list of things they can do to save both energy and money. Many of these things require little monetary investment, and tenants can see lowered utility bills almost immediately. Here are some suggestions that your tenants will appreciate.

• During the spring and summer months, be sure to change air filters on a monthly basis. Dirty, clogged air filters make cooling units work harder, ultimately consuming more energy, and resulting in higher utility bills.
• If planning a vacation, take the time to unplug those electrical devices that will not be used. Turning down the thermostat on the water heater is also a good idea.
• Remember what your mother always told you; turn off the lights! If you’re not in the room, why is the light on? Also, try to minimize the number of times you hold the refrigerator door open. Even the most energy efficient refrigerators will use more energy because of the loss of cool air that escapes when the door is opened repeatedly.
• Set your thermostat higher during the summer months and lower during the winter months. This will help conserve energy and lower utility bills.
• Report any water leaks to management immediately. Even a barely noticeable drip can waste gallons of water and raise your water bill significantly.
Minimize the use of disposable products such as plastic/Styrofoam cups or paper plates.
• If your community has established a suggested water usage protocol, try to follow it. Suggestions such as watering in the early morning or evening during the summer really do work. It conserves water, and is much efficient, as more water is absorbed into the soil when it is cooler.
• Replacing older bulbs with energy efficient ones, turning off appliances when not in use, and cleaning lint traps are just some little things that can be done that require little effort.

Make sure that you’re following your own advice. If tenants walk into your office and see you recycling paper, using glass or ceramic coffee mugs, and wearing a sweater on a cooler day, they’ll be much more likely to follow your suggestions in their own home.

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