How Do You Vet Prospects for Eco-Consciousness?

How Do You Vet Prospects for Eco-Consciousness?

Posted on 20. Apr, 2011 by in Green Trends

A perennial challenge in my garden is figuring out how to create a balanced green screen that is both aesthetically pleasing and also a subtly defined boundary between my personal space and the world beyond.

But have you ever considered a green screen as a business practice?

Allison, a reader, recently asked for recommendations on questions to ask potential tenants during the application process to discern how green they are. What a great question!

First contact launches the screening process – green or otherwise – of potential tenants. Use this initial exchange, be it in person, by phone or via email, to highlight a few key green assets of your property. Even if the prospect isn’t entirely green-savvy, they will be put on notice that green principles rate high with you.

If the prospect then asks to see the property, use the opportunity to discuss in greater depth the green attributes mentioned during your first exchange. For example, demonstrate the digital thermostat, while explaining its value. Linger at the recycling bins and mention collection times and specifics of what can be recycled in your town. Find out if there’s interest in establishing or maintaining a vegetable garden or composting system outside.

If mutual interest escalates to the application stage, include a few green-focused questions either in the application or in an attached questionnaire. Please be sure to check with your legal adviser before altering your application.

Here are a few questions you might consider, but it’s better if you customize to your property and personal green values.

1.    Is bike storage important to you?
2.    Are you interested in a plot at the community garden?
3.    Would you like information about recycling beyond the curb (e.g., clothing, batteries, e-waste, etc.)?
4.    Is offsetting carbon emissions important to you?
5.    If so, how do you offset your own carbon emissions?
6.    What are some of your eco-conscious habits?
7.    List the green assets that are most important to you in a living space.
8.    Please share any recommendations you have for making this property more eco-conscious.

You might also consider implementing a suggestion box for increasing green assets in rental property generally and invite prospects to give their feedback when they’re in the office. If they don’t have anything to recommend, chances are green principles may not be top of mind for them.

Or, skip to the chase and register your building as a green rental property with organizations such as Green Renter. Prospects who find your info using this type of green-targeted method will be pretty well vetted as eco-conscious even before they walk in your door.

How do you evaluate potential residents for eco-consciousness?

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