Window Treatments: A Green Investment

Window Treatments: A Green Investment

Posted on 16. Sep, 2011 by in Greener Properties

It is good to prepare properties for the upcoming winter months and residents can learn simple tips to keeping their utility bills down this year. According to the US Department of Energy, properly selected and installed window coverings can save you up to 33% in heating and cooling costs.

Save Energy By Installing Window Coverings

Consider installing adjustable shades on all windows in the property. Residents can open the shades during the day to let in more light. At night or on colder days, window coverings will provide a great source of insulation and this will help keep energy costs down. If the home has a heating and cooling system, encourage residents to set the thermostat to a moderate level and to keep doors and windows closed at night and the shades drawn.

Window treatment hardware is often installed permanently into interior walls and window casings so hiring a professional is recommended. There are several companies that offer installation with a purchase of custom window treatments. Remember to add this amenity to the lease agreement so that any damages to the window coverings or the walls will be covered by the security deposit.

There is a large variety of different window coverings available today including shades, blinds, and curtains made from eco-friendly materials. If selecting a drapery material, there are several green options made from rapidly renewable materials, like cotton, hemp, and flax. If going with wood blinds, select a non-toxic stain or low-VOC paint finish to improve the interior air quality of the residence. Find something that fits the architecture of the building and keep the colors neutral to appeal to the majority of residents.

Not only will residents save money on their utility bills during the year, but you will now have a highly marketable amenity to show case when trying to fill a vacancy. Green building attributes will help your listing stand out from the competition and help you find great residents who prioritize a healthy and environmentally conscious interior environment for themselves and their family or pets.

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