Increase Your Energy-Saving Awareness and Green Profits Will Follow

Increase Your Energy-Saving Awareness and Green Profits Will Follow

Posted on 14. Dec, 2011 by in Green Trends

In the many decades that I’ve counseled and consulted with my clients, I’ve been impressed how many want to do the right things-especially when it comes to human relationships and the environment. As Property Managers, we are often measured by how we get along with our clients and residents. More and more we are also judged by the example we set as the “stewards” of the buildings and grounds that compose the properties we manage. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t have a “green conscience” of some sort. That’s why I’d like to share some simple ideas for increasing your environmental awareness, and why it might actually lead to some financial rewards as well.

Manage Your Home Like You Manage Your Properties

To be precise, and as Mohandas Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” As you implement the latest energy-savings technologies for your own dwelling, you’ll become better acquainted with the many ways to practice conservation and cost savings. Home energy management has become a huge part of the Green Movement, and Green Property Managers are becoming the go-to sources for what’s currently available.

Your owners and residents want to learn more about the topic of sustainability, and you can be the one who offers them help. You might even become a dealer of sorts that saves your clients money, encourages green-energy standards, and makes a reasonable profit in the process. What might you introduce your clients and resident to? The answer could begin with Home Energy Management Systems(HEMS) . HEMS are hot, if you’ll forgive the pun, and the business is booming.

In a recent article posted at the informative website, I learned that the HEMS market has a compound annual growth rate of nearly 13 percent since 2006, and the global market for HEMS products is expected to reach $85 billion by 2015. HEMS products offer homeowners and renters the opportunity to increase energy efficiency with an automated approach to reducing heating, cooling and electricity bills. The best example of an effective HEMS is a basic programmable thermostat. These thermostats offer at-a-glance energy usage information. This allows users to pick from various automated energy use reduction programs, and even offers remote control of heating, cooling, lighting and appliances in the house or rental unit. A good place to explore HEMS is by calling your local energy utilities to see if they have any promotional programs or subsidies, especially for programmable thermostats. Ask them also about their latest energy conservation programs and whether your buildings or the rental residences owned by your clients would qualify.

Expand Your Green Consciousness By Saving Your Own Energy

My adult son, who is a licensed fitness trainer and personal development instructor, reminded me that the best way for property managers to become more excited about energy conservation and environmentally-friendly practices is by conserving your own personal energy. That’s why he’s begun to lead retreats for overworked, exhausted adults in areas of the world where rejuvenation and appreciation for nature is abundantly available (see an example at ). It reminded me how valuable it is to preserve our health and recharge our batteries surrounded by nature. A natural ecosystem is a great example of the importance of symbiosis and ecological efficiencies. It’s also affords amazing rejuvenation.

After all, how much is your health worth? Is it as important as your business and your finances? There are so many ways to hone our effectiveness as green property managers. It begins with us, our own practices, awareness and education. The benefits and rewards will surely follow.

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