How to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

How to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Posted on 23. May, 2012 by in Real-World Ideas

Spring is in full force across the country. Meanwhile, property managers have been busy preparing their properties for warm weather. Landscapes are being aerated, dead tree limbs removed, and flowers planted everywhere you look. While all of these jobs are necessary, and expected, what can property managers do to make spring cleaning easier, more productive, and more efficient, ensuring that your spring cleanup doesn’t turn into a fall nightmare?  Start with the apartments. While this may sound simple, if you manage multiple properties you’re likely looking at hundreds (if not more) units. But remember, while first impressions are important, and landscaping is vital to that first impression, if your units aren’t in shape you’ll end up losing your current tenants, while making it difficult to rent to new tenants.

  • Create and utilize a pro-active maintenance schedule and use it. Web-based property management software with a solid maintenance management module provides managers with the ability to schedule routine maintenance, and track and maintain warranty information on all unit appliances. Annual carpet cleaning and window washing can be entered into the schedule, residents notified, and the date of the service recorded, ensuring that no units are inadvertently left out.
  • Inspect air conditioning appliances.It’s important that all in-unit appliances receive an annual inspection prior to heavy summer usage. By fixing small problems now, you can most likely avoid expensive emergency service during the height of the summer season, when, incidentally, the service rates are typically much higher. Think about giving your buildings a face lift. Power washing your buildings can lift all of the winter dirt and grime, giving them a new look. If power washing isn’t enough, consider refreshing the building trim. It’s a quick, inexpensive way to add a new look to your property.
  • Consider having a community garage sale and have your office participate. We all collect clutter, and providing your residents and your employees with a way to easily de-clutter reduces the odds of seeing those items stored on a balcony  later in the season.

To many of us, spring is a time for planting flowers. But if you don’t have the time or the resources to maintain complex floral designs, consider rose bushes. Roses are hardy flowers that grow in just about any climate and are easily maintained. Plus they provide a touch of color that says ‘Spring.’

With proper planning, even spring cleaning can be a breeze.

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