About the Authors

Jennifer Marcus Newton is a freelance writer and founding member of Skidmore Park Community Garden, a community garden located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her writing has appeared in Coastal Woman Magazine and Touring and Tasting, among other publications.

Marc Courtenay holds an MS in Psychology from California Polytechnic State University, and is a former senior vice-president of Investments for two major brokerage firms. Currently, he’s an investment publisher and analyst, as well as a financial editor, specializing in value stocks, precious metals, and emerging growth companies as well as the psychology of investing. In addition, he is a published author who has written a book and articles for investment newsletters as well as regular contributions to www.PropertyManager.com. He has a special passion for the “Green Revolution” and is an avid believer in the “Green Economy” and all the profitable potential it holds for investors. For more articles written by Marc Courtenay, visit www.checkthemarkets.com.

Heather Blume lives in Seattle and works in the Property Management Industry as a Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer for BTLD Consulting Services. She also loves marketing, resident retention, employee retention and writing for her own blog too – www.behindtheleasingdesk.com. You can connect with her on her blog or on twitter.

Kimberly Madrigal, CSBA, LEED GA brings over a decade of experience in property management to bear as an educator and consultant.  She is also the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of GreenLandlady.com, an on-line resource dedicated to sustainable operations and property management.

Aimee Miller is the Vice President of Marketing at AppFolio where she is responsible for building awareness for the company’s web-based property management software, AppFolio Property Manager. Aimee has worked in product management, marketing and services for web-based technology companies and has held marketing positions at Citrix Online, Digital Island (Cable & Wireless) and other software organizations. It turns out that Aimee enjoys writing about lots of topics, including marketing! Follow Aimee on twitter.

Nora Betz is an environmentally-conscious Marketing Coordinator at AppFolio. In her spare time she is a property manager for her family properties, an avid surfer as well as a writer for Pop Magazine.

Mindy Williams is the President of RentandRetain.com, which has improved the marketing and retention strategies for thousands of property managers in the United States. Mindy is a Co-Founder of the Apartment All Stars as well as an approved instructor for the California Department of Real Estate where she trains thousands of management professionals each year during seminars for apartment associations. She has written 10 books on property management best practices and is a fantastic resource for industry professionals.